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Stand up paddle board yoga

sup yoga is a fun and fresh way
to practice yoga in nature
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your board awaits you

If practice begins off your mat then why not bring your practice to the water.

Feel the wind and water on your skin, and have the funnest time connecting with yourself and nature.

Stand up Paddle Boarding | The new black in Yoga!

  • Strengthen you core
  • Challenge your balance
  • Approach postures from a different perspective
  • Develop a deeper mind/body connection
  • Enhance neurotransmission
  • Learn paddle board techniques and safety

"falling out of a posture into the water will make you feel like a kid again"

Sup yoga classes

SUP yoga classes are designed similar to a regular indoor yoga class stringing a series of postures together. But, some postures are adjusted with a wider stance, for example to aid in balance.

Classes are suitable for all skill levels. However, basic swimming skills are required.

We begin with basic paddling and safety skills for beginners. Sun salutations to warm up even further. And a balanced flow of posture, counter posture, pranayama, meditation, and a floating savasana you will never forget.

it’s magical being in nature, being on the water elevates your practice

Being on a board in the water adds a completely new challenge to the practice.  Senses heighten with the surrounding elements and core strength (mula-bandha) is called into action immediately.

A deep practice in concentration to maintain balance on the board within a posture and through transitions happens nearly effortlessly.

Submerge yourself in a profound pranayama practice in the fresh air

Practicing in the fresh open air intensifies the flow of energy in our breath work (pranayama). And as our bodies soak up the benefits of the class in a free-floating savasana. The result is an amazing connection to the earth, breath, and bandhas.

The last point but surely not the least is the amount of fun SUP yoga is. Falling out of a posture into the water makes you feel like a kid again. Let’s share this amazing experience together!

I can be spotted teaching SUP yoga in several locations around the world. I offer private classes, SUP teacher training and retreats.

For upcoming retreat information and to find out where I’ll be teaching next.

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