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Sunrise Sessions 108

professional photography sessions

with kat carroll

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Exclusive portfolio

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a love of movement and a passion for photography

I have studied the physical body for half of my life. As a yoga practitioner, I understand alignment, balance, and breath. And the mental effort it takes to maintain a pose or nail the perfect high kick.

As a photographer, I look to capture the essence of the person in front of my lens. Having been both in-front of and behind the camera, I have the instinct to capture a body in motion.

It’s a beautiful marriage between my practice and my art, and I love every moment of it.

fresh, fun and innovative ways to reveal the essence of your unique story with photojournalism

Since 2006 I have been pursuing fresh, fun and innovative ways to reveal the essence of my client’s unique story with photojournalism.

My exclusive portfolio of Sunrise Sessions 108 highlights some of my favorite collaborations.

It would be my pleasure to work with you to create progressive and insightful layouts that capture your story, marketing your vision or special event.

Photography Sessions

Each session is designed to meet your specific needs.
From personal photoshoots, head-shots of teachers and group layouts.
Create a special layout you can use for print or online marketing.
Be radical, be unique, be bold, creating stunning and exclusive imagery is a collaboration and my creative inspiration begins with you!

Upcoming Event?

I’ve got you covered. I absolutely love capturing events!
From the energy of a group to a unique location and all the details in between.
My photojournalistic style is ideal for creating portfolios of your events.
The results are beautiful imagery you can use for future promotion, marketing, a website, or whatever else suits your needs.

exclusive portfolio of Sunrise Sessions 108


view gallery


view gallery


view gallery


view gallery


view gallery

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