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Welcome to

Kat Carroll Yoga

I am dedicated to help my students discover their personal journey into yoga and health and wellness.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced practitioner my goal is to guide you into or dive deeper into the ever changing world of “practice.”

It is a journey of a lifetime. It ebbs and flows like the ocean and is unique to each individual.

I have been teaching and practicing for over 25 years and I am excited to continue sharing, growing and experiencing together.

My Philosophy

You are perfect as you are. Seriously PERFECT.

Yoga practice can take on many forms in our daily lives from concentrating on preparing dinner to focusing on breath for a 75km bike ride. It could be as intense as a physical vinyasa practice or simply dancing to your favorite music.

Finding stability in the physical body and calming our minds through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation creates a path to overcoming the obstacles we cling to.

When you begin to cultivate patience with yourself you will begin to savor the process of practice. If you nurture this path you will discover that you are your best teacher. You will see the infinite possibilities that await you in this life.

I am just here to serve as a guide because I already see you as you are, perfect!

Join me on the journey! ~ kat

Practicing Since


“Kat has lead hundreds of students on their journey into asana, meditation, breath control and mindfulness.”